In the year 2004, Vision Rescue began its work on the streets of Mumbai. The first ever feeding began at the Mahim Station where 4 of us bought off a local snack named “Vada Pav” and went to the platform of the station. Soon we were interacting with a few kids who were so excited that somebody waited on the busy platform to have a chat with them! We fed 6 kids with the food we bought. Soon many more crowded near us, we ended up buying more food that day to give to these hungry kids.

Our team began visiting the Mahim Station everyday with food and the numbers just multiplied each day. We visited other stations too nearby and began giving food to the children at Mahim and Matunga stations. We discovered that most of these kids were addicted to substance abuse and had never been to school. Most of them wanted to get educated.

We decided to find a place to start giving them non- formal education. Failing to find an appropriate place to gather these children and considering the soaring real estate prices, we decided to buy a school bus and converted it into a ‘class room’ for these kids who were so excited to receive education. We identified a few needy locations and parked the bus wherever appropriate and gathered the children into the bus. They are cleaned and are taught the basics of English, Hindi, Mathematics, General and Moral Sciences, Health, Hygiene and Cleanliness. We equipped the bus with tray tables behind the back of every seat to serve as table tops, a T.V., a DVD player and a P.A. System. We bought them slates and chalks to write and learn.

After a time of teaching, these children were provided with one nutritious, well balanced meal a day. We rented a one room kitchen where we cook the food for these children.